Taking Geo. T White Digital

Geo T. White already had all the pieces in place. They recognized a niche market with a desire they
could fill, a product catalog suitable for any automation & vacuum needs and the expertise to
recognize the personalized robotic solution needed for each client. However, there was one aspect
missing – taking Geo. T White online in a value driven manner. They decided to enlist the marketing
and design specialists at the AlphaKOR Group and recognized it was time for a new website.

Overcoming Obstacles

Geo T. White and AlphaKOR Group realized they needed to create a proper representation of the
brand and an avenue to consistently update the site with articles surrounding the world of robotic
Geo T. White offers a wide range of products from low profile conveyors and vacuum cups to
performance automation containment solutions. The new site needed an organized taxonomy that
allows any visiting client to find their manufacturing solution with ease .
Finally, the site needed to function as a primary means of communication between Geo T. White and
their clients.

Geotwhite.com is Live

The new site is a product of successful teamwork between Geo T. White & the AlphaKOR Group and a
step towards taking Geo T. White brand to the next level in a growing online market place.

You can visit the AlphaKOR Group at: alphakor.com

Clients have put their trust in Geo T. White, how about you?