Manual Clamps
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    DESTACO offers a wide selection of manual toggle clamps from heavy duty, hold down clamps (vertical or horizontal handle) to latch clamps and straight action or squeeze-action clamps. Whatever your manual clamping needs, DESTACO has a solution – even variable stroke straight-line units and accessories.

Pneumatic Clamps
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    DESTACO Pneumatic Clamps use air-actuated cylinders to operate the clamping action. They are ideal for quick clamping in repetitive production operations, and yet are portable and economical to use on short run jobs with temporary fixturing.

Power Clamps
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    DESTACO’s Pneumatic Power Clamps range from heavy duty sealed clamps for welding environments, to compact light duty clamps for a variety of clamping applications. These toggle-action pneumatic clamps offer exceptional clamping forces and holding capacities, far greater than clamps of a similar size.

Sheet Metal Grippers
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    DESTACO Sheet Metal Grippers are ideal for robotic part handling applications. DESTACO grippers are lightweight for high transfer speeds when used in stamping press applications. Other grippers are enclosed for use in harsh welding environments. The internal mechanism prevents grippers from opening during loss of air.

End Effectors
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    BodyBuilder™ is a modular, adjustable end effector solution engineered for heavy duty applications.  The flexibility of the system allows modifications to the end effector in minutes, greatly reducing start up time to launch.  The “no slip joint” design guarantees the end effector will stay in position even in the harshest of applications.

Round / Tri-Axis
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    DESTACO’s Round Tooling End Effectors are the most widely used, economical and user-friendly modular tooling system for high volume, high speed applications.  Round tooling is ideal for pick-and-place part handling, manual manipulating, packaging, and palletizing.

Robohand Gripper Family
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    Offering a vast range of products and gripping solutions, DESTACO’s Robohand products serve all markets including stainless steel grippers for food and beverage, miniature clean room products for pharmaceuticals and heavy duty material handling solutions for industrial automotive applications.

Camco Precision Indexers
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    Camco Indexers and Servo Drives assist with device indexing. Indexing is the starting and stopping of a device in precise intervals at precise locations. DESTACO’s Camco cam-operated rotary indexers move a wide variety of products and components with precision.

Robohand Slides & Rotaries
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    DESTACO’s Robohand Pneumatic Rotary Actuators (Rotaries) are available in a wide range of models: Shaft or flange output, high or low precision, light-duty to heavy-duty. Some models feature the DirectConnect hole pattern for easy integration with other Robohand products – no adapter plates!

DESTACO is the industry’s leading global supplier of high-performance automation, workholding and containment solutions. Focusing all of its talent and resources on helping manufacturers improve precision and productivity. Our product line — the industry’s most comprehensive — comprised of end effectors, grippers, indexers, manual and power clamps, and remote handling, allows DESTACO’s insightful engineering experts to develop creative, custom solutions that competitors simply cannot match.

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