Robotic Tooling

Robotic Tooling

to Meet our Customers’ Expectations

We design and build Robotic Tooling to meet your application needs. From our more than 1,500 off-the-shelf components and custom components, we provide a solution for your material handling needs.

Custom Robotic Tooling

Made From Standard Components

From our standard components, robotic tooling can be built for various applications, i.e. separation of parts, insert molding, de-molding, de-gating, quality control and assembly. All components are designed and manufactured by ASS Maschinenbau GmbH.

ASS Robot Hand Kit (EOAT)

We developed a state-of-the art kit of components that fit together like an erector set. It gives you sheer unlimited possibilities to build your own custom Robotic Tooling with ease. The kit includes advanced components that enable you to build Robotic Tooling even for complex material handling applications. The components can be used for improving your existing robot hand.

Individual Custom Solutions

Not only do we offer to build complete robot hands made from our standard components, but if the application calls for a complete custom solution because of weight or room constraints, we will design and build custom components even if the production volume is very low.

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