• Configurable vacuum ejector based on COAX® technology with integrated controls, developed for robotic handling applications.
  • Optimized design for high reliability, flexibility, high vacuum flow and fast cycle times.
  • Energy Saving (ES) function with adjustable hysteresis, Automatic Condition Monitoring (ACM) and Automatic ES Level Determination (ALD).
  • Additional features; Amplified Blow-Off (ABO), Automatic Timer Blow-Off (ATBO), Intelligent Blow-Off (IBO) and Self Adhesion Control (SAC) automatically removes “unwanted” vacuum adhesion with short blow puffs.
  • Option (piCOMPACT®23 SMART) with data communication through international standard system IO-Link
  • piCOMPACT®23 SMART to be selected for medium or larger vacuum systems, such as palletizing of boxes and loading, sorting, transfer and unloading of different sheet materials.
  • Available sensor data; temperature, voltage, acceleration, cycle analysis and more, to help predict maintenance. Sensor data communicated over IO-link but also visual in the display menu.
  • Prepared for quick connect/release, with common compressed air feed for 1-4 units (buy 1-4 channel pumps). Easy maintenance and easy installation. Quick connect plate ordered separately.

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