Automations & Vacuum Specialists

Since 1954

Geo. T White is recognized in today’s market as the most well established, knowledgeable and reliable automation distributor in Canada.  For over 65 years we have been offering exceptional service, current and innovative products, while providing real solutions for our customers.  For many years, Geo T White has been at the forefront as an industry leader in providing automated vacuum solutions.  With strategic partnerships, we are now considered a one stop source for robotic end of arm tooling and automated vacuum requirements for our customers.  If your manufacturing facility needs to move it…. we can handle it!

Service is our most important product!

Plastic Industry


We offer the most innovative end of arm tooling (EOAT) products and solutions for plastic injection molding.  Whether that is supplying EOAT components, custom built EOAT’s or custom-built de-gating fixtures, we will have a solution for your material handling needs.

Metal Forming and Fabrication


Strength, speed and durability are the product requirements in today’s metal forming industry.  We offer the most innovative products for press tending (tandem and tri-axis press transfer) and end of arm tooling / fixturing products for weld environment.

Machine Integrators


We understand the need for automation machine integrators to streamline manufacturing processes. That is why we offer flexible customized solutions, superior support and service, and some of the most innovative quality products.

Food, Packaging & Pharmaceuticals


The Food Processing, Packaging and Pharmaceutical industry require high productivity and reliable products and solutions. Whether the application calls for a pick and place, case erector, bag opening, palletizing, belt / vacuum conveying or Ergonomic lifting — we can handle it.

Clients have put their trust in Geo T. White, how about you?